Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Shopping!!

With holiday season round the corner and Christmas about to ring its bells, holiday gift is the talk of the town. Now for those of you to whom this time of year is the full moon night of wish fulfillment and heartwarming gifts, they need not worry, but for those of us, who are awarded with useless souvenirs and tchothkes, the holiday season is nothing short of a scary Halloween party. Close your eyes and luxuriate in the grim memories of age old chocolates, expired gift cards, customized pj's. Aren’t they a delight to reminisce? Ah…Not so much, you might say. So buckle up butter cups and bring worldly order to your gift ideas. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect gifts for someone special.
1. Grandparents hate skydiving gift certificates and children hate those Christmas socks and lunch boxes. So keep in mind the age of the person while choosing gifts.

2. Even an inexpensive gift look good if wrapped well. So wrap it up gals, use your imagination, get vibrant wrapping papers and include a small note of how much you care about the person you are giving the gift to.

3. With recession in its full swing take full opportunity of the holiday sale and buy your gifts early. You may get a great gift for some one special at a mind-boggling low price.

4. Check online for store deals and get those coupons printed before you hit the shop. Internet shopping is good too.

5. Do not repeat last year's gifts. You can give your old gifts to somebody provided it is well wrapped and well kept and unused.

6. Never wrap anything you find at home. Remember a map of New York is a lousy gift to give.

7. Investing on a pair of sexy hot pink underwear for your adorable boyfriend is complete no-no.

8. Every person has some interests and hobbies. Think about the interests of the person before choosing gifts for him/her. Remember your wife will hate a microwave oven or a Good Housekeeping Guide DVD. Instead give her a perfume, a book by her favorite author or a Macy's gift card.

9. Chocolates, flowers, wine, jewelry and books are evergreen gifts.

10. Give some local love. Choose local and seasonal gifts that are en vogue for your friends and loved ones.

Lastly, choose your gifts judiciously. Be prudent and not extravagant. Don’t forget that gifts are the tokens of love; be sure that you choose the right tokens for your loved ones. Happy shopping!!

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