Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blogging from A-Z Challenge: O for Optimist

O for Optimist 

Blogging from A-Z: N for Nameless Neighbors

N for Nameless Neighbors

Odd, how their names
are conspicuous by their absence,
a woman with a bespectacled –daughter;
 another in unfashionable salwar suits;
the third, a rotund lady with a dog;

I inspect their daily reflections
in the sunlit pool of faces,
and wonder if they notice my pursuing gaze!

For long they have been peopling this pool with me,
like unpolished pebbles and sleeping grasses;
I know their uninviting neighborly faces. 

From dawn to dusk I see them swim
their outrageous butterfly strokes.
And in the end, I cannot help but reckon,
seeing them paddling without cessation
if they too are blind like me.