Monday, April 8, 2013

Blogging from A-Z Challenge: G for Gracing the 'Good' Night!

G for Gracing the ‘Good’Night!

Night descends with tip-toeing severity in my city. The sounds of the day, the hush and the murmur, the zinzulation of drilling machines perforating solid concrete, the hammering, the noise of water pumps working assiduously, the noise of vehicles, are conspicuous by their absence. One wonders where the activity has gone to, perhaps after having enough of the day, it too has decided to hum a rhythm and retreat to its nest. For a few short hours it will all be still. Even if you strain your ears you cannot hear even an iota of the deafening noises of the day.

The seasons of the day never fail to intrigue me even if I have spent enough ruminating hours over them. Sometimes I think of them as a metaphor to our life: once a season expires, you cannot bring it back until its natural cyclical life brings forth its presence. The past is fast retreating; the present is an awesome mingling of the bygone day and a future dawn.  Think of night as a cumulative of all your yester years and you standing under one dark dome wondering if there remains a speck of the day in night’s awesome quiet. There usually isn’t, the scenery undergoes a metamorphosis just like we all do as we hop from one age-box to another.

Right now in the calm complacency of night, the binary of the day strikes me as somebody who has been greatly wronged. Since a time out of mind we’ve considered night as a child of necromancy and evil; its darkness has forever signified wickedness. But come to think of it, such a stereotype is erroneous and aims to detract from the essential beauty of night all its grace. Society loves to typify and dwell on stereotypes, but as a scripturient bent on understanding the world anew through my writing, I propose to take the beauteous night not as an otherized subaltern, but as a graceful beauty, one who is beautiful and complete and not un-good or evil as we would like to believe it. Devoid of light doesn’t mean presence of evil; can evil or ungoodness not lurk in daytime, I wonder. Of course, it can, amidst the smile of charming people there dwells the smirk of evil. 

So, on this beautiful night, amid the absenting noise and under the star studded sky, I aim to embrace the goodness of night and hope to be a person in my life who doesn’t discriminate a person/ a season/ a weak opponent based on her apparently negative physical attributes.