Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blogging from A-Z Challenge: I for the Internet!!

Prior to composing today’s blog-post, I sat ruminating on the letter I. For the purpose of better concentration I had switched off my Smartphone and was away from my laptop as well. After a hiatus of ten or fifteen minutes when I found myself vacillating between ‘I for the internet’ or ‘I for impossible’, I found my mind yearning to check the Facebook webpage and see if there was any update. My sudden urge to press the button of my cellular phone, which was almost indomitable, led me to believe that indeed it the internet to which I should sing my paean.

When I started thinking about the internet and its illimitable possibilities, I came to the conclusion that the supramundane agency that brought forth the genesis of the world must have had access to the internet. Come to think of it, the internet is as omnipotent and omniscient as the all-mighty mother or father dwelling abaft the concave watchet dome. Though born out of humble academic sires, the internet has overtime become the portal housing such myriad people under its shelter that you wonder sometimes how good it would have been had we indeed lived in a virtual world. I like several of my peers have once censured the internet and considered its distracting quality as discomfiting; but then I didn’t realize that it is absolutely erroneous to disregard as powerful a medium as the internet for the reason it distracts us: aren’t everything we encounter in our lives, aren’t our jobs, our household chores, our movies, our books also imbued with the distracting quality for which I was falsely reproaching the net? Right now, my idea of the internet is that of a savior, a brilliantly illumined second messiah who came into our lives with breathtaking possibilities ready to fill any vacant space that we have in our lives with new and improved playtime activities. Of course the discretion rests with us as to how we would spend our time here, what social-persona would we adopt, or perhaps how veridical we would like to be. “Which will you choose,” I wonder, “which will you choose, which will you choose of these?”

A casual chat about the internet is never complete for me without a reminiscing paragraph dedicated to my favorite movie, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan starer You’ve Got Mail. I guess I watched it a thousand times, and yet, every time I see it, the romantic, heart-melting movie makes me think about the deliciousness of the internet. Indeed, I wonder if there is any other more perfect glory-song written and dedicated to the medium that literally drives our lives nowadays from start to finish: the internet.

I close my eyes and try to think about our bluey earth: a brilliantly lit up labile globe where every inch of its surface is populated by a person who has access to the internet. It’s a universe where national, regional boundaries are conspicuous by their absence; here the citizens of the orb are one and united, they stand in circles celebrating life, holding one another’s hand and exchanging limitless data. This is my idea of a perfect world, a world where boundaries that separate us and prevent us from interacting with one actual life with be stuff that fictions are made on.