Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Global Problem of Weightloss

Weight, Weight Everywhere

Ever wondered what is the aspiration of the new millennium? Well, those of you who are about to start rodomontading about your career and the importance of being a careerist, I tell you that I don’t care. What I am talking about is the absurd weight loss syndrome that had hit the globe like some pandemic. Look around and you will notice a train of well defined individuals rushing toward an anorexic goal. Everywhere you see you are reminded that you ought to eat whole foods and all those crap and turn a blind eye to your delectable dessert. Open your email, browse the internet and you will see hundreds of thousands of weight loss tricks and stupid diets just staring at you from the webpages. Follow this diet and you would be Angelina Jolie in a week, I mean think guys, is that really possible? And even it is possible what good is it doing to you? I am sure not many of us are born with Jolie skills. I was forced to think about this weight loss and gain charade the other day when somebody misinterpreted the happy few winter pounds that I gave gained as being a sign of pregnancy.  I was shocked to death to learn that these days eating right and maintaining a healthy weight will be interpreted as being depressed or pregnant. What if you are neither? What if you refuse to follow the mortal millions brainlessly eating wrong to just hit size 4? Then you may beome a pariah of the society. We have calorie counters and stuff that constantly remind us that a 250 calorie donut is unhealthy for you while the insipid Acai berry juice is the elixir. One may say that the new-fangled fashion industry is giving due respect to plus sized women. I say that how many plus sizes do you see in those Cosmos and Stars? It is just a fleeting do-good attention intended for women who either cannot lose weight and need to see people having the same problem like them or women who just laugh at them. I mean the muffin top bulges and love handles are ugly, and we all know that. But if I am happy with them why does the world bother? Why is the importance of weight suddenly a universal problem like Global Warming?

All I feel is that instead of being deluded by emails from Spark People one should pay attention to learning better things like traveling with Micheal Palin (just a suggestion). There is no end to the weight loss syndrome and the more you intend to delve into its crux of nothingness the more out of whack you would become. So, just throw away those weekly reminders and tasteless foods and eat right. Avoid excessive eating and be happy. In a month you will feel and look healthy.