Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blogging from A-Z Challenge: H is for Home sweet Home

H for Home Sweet Home

Home is my own dreamscape
where buds of comfort
effloriate and bring to life
frequently my own unsung musings,
with a splash of happiness 
that wraps me throughout the day.
Two summers and two winters have
passed by, but my present home,
my abode of happiness
still remains new.
It is as sweet as ripe mangoes,
as pretty as a bunch of peonies,
and as delicate as the petals of a white rose.
White is my theme here, white linen,
white chalk on a tiny chalkboard
with scribbled messages indicating
a wish to freeze fleeting moments
or cherish subtle warm memories.
The bell-peppers are ripening this season,
ample little Catharanthuses load the plants
in my little balcony-garden and flush
my life with red, pink and white hues.
My clean little space, decked in
comforting beauty is a sight
that brings abundant pleasure
on tired days when I come back
from a disquieted world waiting
for a touch of order.
Then with a sepia-tinted gaze
my home assures me that you can have
your own little world of calm and beauty
away from the ranting and fretful house outside.