Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blogging form A-Z Challenge: Q is for Quest

Quest: a poem

We are always out on the streets,
out of our houses, our neighborhoods,
in quest.

Sometimes we wonder what if
we accidentally hit upon it,
the quopping quest, that is,
resting feebly on the pavement.

The work will  be over then ,
the quest will attain a finale.

But that never happens.

It always reminds me of the
Knight-errant, the Don Quixotes
Of the world, and the Round-table

What was it that they searched for: a
chalice, a new hope in this rotten world?
And did they find the jorum that held the carpenter’s blood?

No, the quest is still on.

The passed on the dream of attaining infinity
to us.
We bear their burden,
we carry on their expedition.

In unnatural skyscrapered cities,
we, riding on the horse-back of civilization,
are always in quest of our infinitesimal dream
to find that grail
they could never locate.