Sunday, April 28, 2013

X for X

As I sit composing my blog-post on the letter X, I cannot help but pity the poor fellow jostled in such an un-strategic position among heavyweights like W and Y. How many times do we think of this letter X in our daily social exchanges? Come to think of it, the situation of the poor letter X is like that of the diminutive status of the planet Pluto; we hardly consider it as important for our communicative exchanges. Every time X appears it is preceded by some other letter, or if it appears anywhere unaccompanied by other letters in the alphabet, it signifies our wrongs, our mistakes (remember those red crosses on our answer scripts we used to dread; they still freak me out though) and danger (a skeletal head and two grayish long bones forming a letter X). Even in Xmas, the letter X reminds us of the cross of crucifixion that killed Christ the savior.

X can probably be adulated for its symmetry, but I wonder if we can ever elevate its status and reestablish X as a neutral letter that doesn’t bring to mind the erroneous escapades of our career.

W for writing

W for Writing

The following week we will be heading toward the closure of the fantastic writing tour we have been participating in. My feeling of satisfaction at being a participant (albeit the liberties I took) in this awesome writing trip wafts from my mind like misty sheets of smog abaft pine-embedded hills. My intimidations about the writing exercise persists, but like a injured child who wouldn’t jettison her favorite game despite the injury she received while playing, I too wouldn’t dream of defenestrating my writing in spite of all my mental tribulations concerning my prowess in that art that I experience periodically. I have realized overtime that it is the only, and I say only, activity that when performed gives me the most pleasure; and I am sure many of my creative compatriots too will feel the same way about the lovely activity of writing that unites us all in this virtual world.
Tonight I raise my glass to the fabulous art of pen-pushing, the activity that unites the mind and the body, that gives us so much joy that we feel not only pleased and refreshed by it but start to consider the goodness in the world, Surely, we must dwell on the negatives as well, but I always believe that writing enthusiasts are happy persons at heart. So, to writing it is that we cheer with the hope that we all get better in the art of translating mental images and impressions on paper and continue to enjoy the daily joys of each others’ lives through our writing samples.